Kai Lipinski, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Kai Lipinski joined Vibalogics in 2010 as Head of Cell Culture and Virus Production. Kai was named Head of Process Development in 2013, then promoted to Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in 2020.

Kai has a wealth of experience in viral vector manufacturing stemming a career working within industry. Prior to Vibalogics, he was Principal Scientist at Cobra Biologics, focusing on upstream process development for virus and mammalian protein expression projects. Prior to Cobra, Kai worked as Senior Principal Scientist at ML Laboratories, where he was responsible for the development of targeted adenoviral vectors for gene therapy approaches to cancer. At Vibalogics, Kai is central to the establishment of process development and manufacturing capabilities, technology evaluations, and the oversight of client technical relationships.

Kai has a PhD in Transcriptional Regulation by Adenoviral E1A Proteins, and a Post-Doc, also on Transcriptional Regulation, from the University of Duisburg- Essen.