Recipharm AB Closes Acquisition of Vibalogics

Published: 11 April 2022

Recipharm AB Closes Acquisition of Vibalogics

Vibalogics, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on the manufacture of oncolytic viruses, viral vaccines and gene therapies, has today announced the acquisition by top global CDMO Recipharm AB (Stockholm, Sweden) is now complete.

The acquisition of Vibalogics will expand Recipharm’s global business offering along with the company’s additional acquisitions which include GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals S.A. (Oeiras, Portugal) and Arranta Bio (Watertown, MA). Together, the companies will extend their services to the ATMP (advanced therapy medicinal products) market, through a robust end-to-end offering with capabilities spanning development, GMP drug substance and drug product manufacture, sterile fill & finish, and analytical and quality control testing.

Recipharm AB announced earlier today that it will “establish a robust base in the US, with facilities in Boxborough, MA, and provide a platform from which to build its capabilities in new biologics modalities”.

Tom Hochuli, CEO of Vibalogics shares “Our business is very excited to see completion of the acquisition and Recipharm’s strategic commitment to further establishing global capabilities in ATMPs, including Vibalogics’ focus in viral-derived advanced therapies and vaccines. Our facility in Boxborough, MA will serve as a great base location for the companies ahead and will play a key role in supporting growing businesses in clinical through late-phase and commercial GMP production. Together, with GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals S.A. (Oeiras, Portugal) and Arranta Bio (Watertown, MA) we look forward to developing synergies and enhancing our overall service capabilities for our clients and partners ahead.”

Vibalogics is working on development and GMP manufacturing programs with many of the top Large Pharma, start-up and development companies progressing oncolytic virus, gene therapy, and vaccines worldwide. The company has witnessed significant growth and demand for its business in recent years, and is in the midst of a multi-year capital projects expansion plan with strategy supporting continued investments into the 100,000 ft2 (9,400 m2) Cuxhaven, Germany facility, with a recently commissioned 500 L suspension bioreactor production line, and the company’s 118,000 ft2 clinical-through-commercial capable virus production facility in Boxborough, MA, now active with technical transfer and process development projects, which will progress to GMP operations in Q3 2022.

Roger Lias PhD, Chief Commercial Officer of Vibalogics commented “The completion of the acquisition of Vibalogics by Recipharm marks another major milestone in our journey towards world-class virotherapy manufacturing. We are delighted that under the Recipharm network, and alongside GenIbet and Arranta Bio, Vibalogics can accelerate the delivery of transformational therapies and vaccines to patient populations in need by serving companies developing these truly remarkable classes of advanced products.”

About Vibalogics

Since 2003, Vibalogics has operated as a specialized global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) offering process and analytical development, manufacturing, testing, and fill-finish services to innovators developing transformational virotherapy products. From its headquarters and commercial facility in Boxborough, MA, USA and operations in Cuxhaven, Germany, Vibalogics supports its customers in the development and commercialization of oncolytic viruses, gene therapies and viral vaccines.

About Recipharm

Recipharm is a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) in the pharmaceutical industry employing almost 9,000 employees. Recipharm offers manufacturing services of pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms, production of clinical trial material and APIs, pharmaceutical product development and development and manufacturing of medical devices. Recipharm manufactures several hundred different products to customers ranging from big pharma to smaller research and development companies. Recipharm’s annual turnover is approximately SEK 11 billion. The company operates development and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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