Top Tips in Selecting your Viral Vector Partner

Published: 21 September 2021

From cutting-edge therapies for deadly cancers, to developing effective vaccines, the viral vector space is an exciting place to be. However, viral vector development poses unique challenges that must be addressed in order for your innovation to reach the market.

Having the right partner at your side in the form of an expert contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) is crucial to addressing these challenges and maximizing the chances of success.

But not all CDMOs are created equal – few have the capability to support a viral vector project toward late-stage clinical trials and beyond. You need a CDMO partner with the expertise to meet the unique demands of your viral vector project. Here are three key things you should look for in the perfect partner:

  1. A viral vector pedigree
    A CDMO with heritage in the viral vector sector will have dedicated equipment already in place to start work on your project straight away. Their expert team will also have the ingenuity and experience to overcome unforeseen challenges quickly and effectively, minimizing the time to market for new treatments.
  2. Flexible and adaptable technology
    No two viral vector projects are alike – each has its own unique manufacturing requirements to ensure it can be produced effectively and efficiently. In addition, different virus platforms, such as adenoviruses, herpes simplex, vesicular stomatitis, vaccinia or measles viruses, all have their own production method requirements when it comes to scaling up production. The ideal CDMO will have the capability to handle all the unique needs of your project, whatever they may be.
  3. Support beyond development
    The best CDMO partners offer so much more than development support. They will offer additional guidance on other aspects of a viral vector project, from help adhering to good manufacturing practice (GMP), to feasibility support to translate your ideas into promising clinical candidates.

How Vibalogics can Help

Whatever the needs of your viral vector project, Vibalogics has the infrastructure and expertise to help you achieve success. We have a 15-year track record in the production of oncolytic viruses and viral vector vaccines. We recently invested in establishing a late-phase clinical and commercial virotherapy manufacturing facility near Boston, US to complement our early-phase facility in Cuxhaven, Germany, meaning we can support customers from pre-clinical to commercial supply.

We are one of the few CDMOs with experience in developing with all major production platforms, allowing us to help with any project, whatever its needs.

Our ethos of flexibility and open communication provides you with the resourceful, adaptable strategies you need to ensure your project is completed successfully.

To find out more about working with Vibalogics, contact us today.

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Vibalogics can assist you through a comprehensive service portfolio – ensuring success of your virotherapy, beginning with process development and technical transfer feasibility, through cGMP production and validation.


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