Whenever required Vibalogics employs a closed system approach to Aseptic Bacteria Manufacturing of live bacterial products for clinical use, as live bacterial vaccines cannot be terminally sterilized by 0.2 µm filtration.

We utilize the latest proven technology in our development laboratories to ensure that we provide our customers with effective Aseptic Bacteria Manufacturing and transferrable process capable of producing best in class bacterial vaccines or gene vectors.

We work with Mycobacteria, Listeria and Salmonella amongst others, and we are always happy to apply our expertise to new bacterial vaccines such as Shigella, Caulobacter, Bordetella, E. coli and therapeutic bacterial candidates destined for the clinic; for example, bacterial vectored gene therapies and bacteria used for bactofection. Our BSL-2 grade facility, which includes a fill and finish suite capable of producing liquid or lyophilized drug products, is perfectly suited to clinical scale manufacture of live bacteria and also small-scale commercial products.

For more information regarding any of our Aseptic Bacteria Manufacturing, contact us today on +49 4721 565 400 or email contact@vibalogics.com