We ensure that the Bacteria Cell Banking at Vibalogics always achieve the standards expected by our customers and the regulatory authorities.

Vibalogics produces both Master Cell Banks and Working Cell Banks as liquid or lyophilized presentations, as required. By manufacturing the GMP cell banks in a Grade A environment with Grade B background, we ensure that the banks meet the highest standards required for GMP starting materials, as the cell banks will be used for both clinical manufacturing and future commercial supply.

Key considerations for cell banking include manufacturing high quality cell banks exhibiting good viability upon thaw, low passage number (especially important for Working Cell Banks), genetic stability and purity and monoseptic manufacture. Vibalogics takes care to ensure that all of these criteria are met when providing the final, characterized and released cell bank.
After manufacturing numerous Mycobacteria, Listeria, and Salmonella banks for our clients, Vibalogics demonstrates the knowledge and experience required to successfully manufacture your GMP cell bank.

Our bacteria cell banking service can be summarized as follows…

  • GMP facility able to handle up to Bio-safety level 2 (BSL-2) organisms
  • Manufacturing performed in Grade A environment in a Grade B background
  • Liquid filling or lyophilization available
  • Documentation package accompanying the cell bank to demonstrate quality and traceability
  • Full release testing performed and managed by Vibalogics
  • Cell bank stability studies performed in-line with ICH guidelines
  • Long term storage of cell banks including -75°C, liquid nitrogen and vapour phase nitrogen

For more information regarding Bacteria Cell Banking & Manufacturing services, contact us today on +49 4721 565 400 or email contact@vibalogics.com