Drug substance and drug product stability testing performed according to ICH guidelines to support your clinical product.

At Vibalogics we offer a comprehensive stability testing services, including identity, purity, physico-chemical and cell-based potency assays, so that we can work together with you to design a stability package that meets your requirements and the expectations of the regulatory authorities.

Our stability study services offers…

  • Long term stability studies according to ICH Q1A guidelines
  • Accelerated temperature studies
  • Certificate of Analysis provided at each time point
  • Stability plan determined in conjunction with customer requirements
  • Final report provided at the end of the study

We offer this service either as part of a manufacturing project, or as a stand-alone study. Speak to us today about your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a solution.

For more information regarding Virus Stability Testing & Manufacturing, contact us today on +49 4721 565 400 or email contact@vibalogics.com