Your ideas, technology and product candidates are valuable. Our Virus Feasibility Studies take what you have now and assess the possibilities for where you would like to go next.

Combining the expertise of our staff and the cutting-edge development and analytical tools we have available in our facility allows us to translate our customer’s idea into a feasible clinical candidate. By taking a consultative approach, we engage with the customer throughout all of our Virus Feasibility Studies.

Our approach to virus feasibility studies…

  • Listen to your requirements
  • Consultative approach based on broad experience
  • Transparent working
  • Supply of virus material
  • Holistic approach to study design
  • Excellent communication
  • Study designed with GMP in mind when required
  • IP generated by us remains with you

Research and development licenses of production cell lines give us the flexibility to assess and determine the optimal substrate for your virus candidate. Our feasibility studies are always performed with future requirements in mind, which is why we design processes that can be directly scaled to larger equipment, whilst remaining compliant with GMP requirements.

By working with you and understanding where you would like to be, our ‘outside the box’ thinking will allow you to get the most from your idea. We know there will be challenges to overcome, but are prepared to anticipate and resolve them before they become an issue.

Examples of the feasibility studies that we offer…

  • Reproducibility studies
  • Comparison of current virus/vaccine production host against other potential cell substrates
  • Evaluation of alternative production systems enabling scale-up and higher productivities (e.g. disposable iCELLis® for adherent or Single Use Bioreactors (SUB) for suspension culture)
  • Evaluation of media and supplements for optimization of virus productivities

We would be delighted to speak to you about your project today. For more information regarding Virus Feasibility Studies, contact us today on +49 4721 565 400 or email