Focusing on the right things and doing them right afterwards is our credo, which we constantly strive to achieve with our Virus Process Development services. By taking this approach, time and costs can be reduced to an acceptable level without compromising quality

For a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) working on viruses, experience is crucial. The team is used to working with high demand organisms and is qualified and familiar with viruses such as Adenovirus, Herpesvirus, Measles and many more. The company has ensured that infrastructure is in place to enable fast and efficient processing to keep costs and timelines under control.

By listening to our customers and assessing their priorities regarding process development, we will suggest a scope of development work that provides a functional, scalable and most importantly transferable process based on established GMP manufacturing principles. We want to help you meet the expectations of your stakeholders, whether you want to enter the clinic quickly, or develop a process with Phase III requirements in mind.

Examples of our virus process development activities…

  • Virus rescue on cells
  • Virus cloning by plaque or limited dilution methods
  • Adaptation of adherent cells to suspension
  • Weaning of cultures to serum-free conditions
  • Optimization of Multiplicity of Infection (MOI), Point of Infection (POI) and Point of Harvest (POH)
  • Optimization of medium and supplements
  • Optimization of virus recovery from bulk harvest
  • Fermentation development focusing on disposable systems
  • Purification development comprising filtration and chromatographic techniques
  • Generation of purified virus reference materials by batch ultra-centrifugation
  • Total viral particle analysis
  • Virus genomic stability studies

Our experts are here to offer advice regardless of the stage your product is at. If requested we will also accompany you when visiting regulatory authorities. Call us now, or leave your details with us and we will call back to discuss how we can move your project forward.

For more information regarding our Virus Process Development services, contact us today on +49 4721 565 400 or email