At Vibalogics, our approach is simple; provide a comprehensive liquid fill finish service to biopharmaceutical companies who require virus and live bacterial products filled for clinical trials.

With that in mind, we have built a facility capable of working with BSL 2 organisms for both development and GMP operations. However, where most of our competitors stop at the drug substance stage and then need to outsource the filling operation to a dedicated filling facility, we set up a fill and finish suite in-house that is capable of producing liquid and lyophilised drug products.

In addition to viruses and live bacterial products and as a stand-alone service, we fill vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, natural products and small molecule APIs where aseptic manufacturing and sterile filtration are required.

By offering on-site liquid fill finish services, our customers benefit in two distinct areas…

  • Product transport; the drug substance does not have to be transported to a new site for filling, avoiding potential detrimental effects on the product.
  • Product familiarity; the personnel who have dealt with the drug during the development and drug substance phase will also be involved in the drug product manufacture, reducing the risks associated with new operators handling the product and the costs associated with technology transfer.

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