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Our range of viral vector vaccine capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive upstream and downstream processing
  • Upstream development services such as cell line evaluation, media and feeds evaluation, production vessel evaluation
  • Optimization of virus production parameters (e.g. MOI, POI and POH)
  • Development of virus harvest strategy and purification process
  • Downstream development covering lysis, nuclease digest, clarification, cross-flow filtration, chromatography and sterile filtration
  • Lyophilization services for oncolytic viruses supported by excipient screening and formulation development expertise
  • Assay development including identity, potency, process residuals, contaminants, and physico-chemical properties
  • Assay qualification and validation
  • Analytical testing of batches
  • An extensive list of release assays for identity, potency, purity, and safety executed by our QC department or selected third parties in line with International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) Q2 (R1) requirements
  • Fill and finish of drug product and placebo/buffer (automatic and manual)

All open step vector production operations are performed in GMP class A/B suites in line with European GMP guidelines. Purification is performed in class C suites.