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Our cell banking capabilities include:

  • GMP facility able to handle up to BSL-2 organisms
  • Manufacturing performed in Grade A environment in a Grade B background
  • Infors HT Multitron (CO2, temperature, and humidity control) and ThermoFisher HeraCell (CO2 and temperature control, saturated humidity)incubators
  • Liquid manual filling of 300-500 vials as a typical cell bank size
  • Validated manual filling operation
  • Documentation package accompanying the cell bank to demonstrate quality, compliance, and traceability
  • Full characterization
  • Cell bank stability studies performed in-line with International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines
  • Long term storage of cell banks in ultra-deep freezers to facilitate further processing at Vibalogics
  • Power-back-up unit for all storage


Vibalogics can produce cell banks in all common adherent/suspension systems including:

  • T-flasks (for smaller scale)
  • Roller bottles
  • Cell stacks/factories
  • Shake flasks