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Examples of our virotherapy process development activities include:

  • Virus rescue on cells by multiple-plasmid transfection
  • Virus cloning by plaque or limited dilution methods
  • Adaptation of adherent cells to suspension
  • Weaning of cultures to serum-free conditions
  • RCB and RVSS generation
  • Optimization of Multiplicity of Infection (MOI), Point of Infection (POI) and Point of Harvest (POH)
  • System/vessel feasibility studies for your virus product
  • Evaluation/optimization of medium and supplements
  • Optimization of virus recovery from bulk harvest
  • Fermentation development focusing on disposable systems
  • Purification development comprising filtration and chromatographic techniques
  • Generation of purified virus reference materials by batch ultra-centrifugation
  • Virus genomic stability studies
  • Assay integration/development particularly covering live virus products

Our specialists will support you through each stage of process development.