Virotherapy Platforms

With industry-leading viral expertise, Vibalogics supports the rapidly evolving field of virotherapy, offering development and manufacturing services for live viruses and viral vectors for oncolytic viruses,  gene therapy, and vaccines.

Virotherapy – Areas Of Expertise

Oncolytic Viruses

Specialists in the manufacture of replication-competent engineered and wild-type oncolytic viruses, with a track record you can trust.

Oncolytic viruses (OVs) are at the forefront of cancer treatment and have the potential to improve patient health dramatically, however, their production is complex. As leading OV development and manufacturing experts, Vibalogics offers the specialized infrastructure and knowledge needed for OV production.

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Gene Therapy

Expertise across gene therapy vectors produced by transient, helper-virus, and stable producer cell lines minimizes time-to-market.

Viral vector gene therapies are an exciting novel approach to treating serious conditions. However, they pose unique development and manufacturing challenges. Our viral vector gene therapy manufacturing service is founded on our team’s decades of experience in the field, dedicated to delivering results with a transparent and consultative approach.

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Scalable capacity and effective cost of goods management for vaccine product development and manufacture.

The production of live viral vector vaccines is a difficult, multistep process. Without professional process development and production support, there is a high risk that unforeseen difficulties and problems may arise, causing expensive delays. Our specialists work both efficiently and comprehensively to deliver industry-leading results, fast and cost-effectively.

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Industry-leading viral expertise for your next project

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